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Buddharam Temple Ragunda

Buddharam Temple Ragunda is located near the Thai pavilion in Bispgården in the Ragunda township.

The story of Thai pavilion

The Thai Pavilion, also known as King Chulalongkorn Memorial, is a building next to Holmsta Farm in Utanede in Bispgården in Ragunda township which was erected in 1997 in memory of the Thai King Chulalongkorn’s visit to the site in 1897. The pavilion is a friendship gift of Thailand to Ragunda township.

Chulalongkorn /Rama V was king in Thailand during the period 1868 – 1910 or Siam as it was then called. Chulalongkorn was very committed to developing their homeland and worked actively to give their country a modern structure, which led him to travel all over the world and to Sweden.


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Getting Here

Address: 235, 74082 Ragunda kommun

By car: Drive from Sundsvall north for about 1 hour on road 86.

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