Throughout the history of Buddhism, Institutions were supported by the donations of time and resources form the public. Buddharam is functional thanks to the support of people who are kind enough to contribute their valuable time and materials to help our cause. The temple encourages its members and well-wishers to donate and we greatly appreciate anything that is offered to our temple. If you would like to donate money, you can use the “Postgiro” number to the right.  Alternately you can donate in person at our temple. If you have other items do donate, we will gratefully accept your usable contributions. Please contact us for more info.


During our special events, we often ask the community for help in coordinating individual projects to get the events executed on time. We also offer other volunteer positions both short term and long term, during other periods. We are especially in need of special skills such as carpentry, construction, computer hardware / software / network maintenance, website design and programming, etc. Volunteer contributions greatly reduce our financial burdens. If you want to donate your time out of kindness, please contact the temple to inquire about our current needs and ongoing projects.

A special thank you to all our past and present volunteers that have helped us in countless ways. We would not be here to serve our beautiful community without your help.