World Peace Conference 2019

Phra Wites Panyaporn (Phramahaboonthin Taosiri), Peace Ambassador, Secretary of the Union of Thai Missionaries in Europe

You are warmly welcomed to join us for a day recognizing inspiring achievements made for peace and to share in our desire for a more peaceful and prosperous world.

We hope to stimulate an open dialogue on all approaches to creating peace, we welcome any experiences of activities in peacebuilding, human development an empowerment you will be able to share.

Our vision of a peaceful world is one of the external and internal – a peace between all nations and a peace within ourselves and towards others.

The quest for peace, therefore, touches every aspect of human life from politics and culture to religion and education.

If peace can be found in all parts of our daily lives then each and every one of us can make a contribution.

And we believe that a great starting point is to focus on what we have in common and to learn from one another with an open mind.

Putting aside the distractions caused by political conflict and polarizing headlines, we think it’s important to focus on those who are striving to make a positive change in this world.

We are positive that your participation in the Peace Conference in another step towards a better and more peaceful world.




Date: Jun 30 2019 08:00 – Jul 03 2019 15:00

Location: Stockholm City Hall, Hantverkargatan 1, 111 52 Stockholm

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